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Elegant ways to update your home with fur for the winter

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Here are some of our tips to add easy opulence and warmth to any room

If you’re looking for a way to add some plush touches to rival last year’s Scandinavian-inspired minimal decor ideas, you’re in the right place. Here is how you can create a soft but opulent look for winter using fur:

1.    Space: the first frontier - In an open space like a living room, pick fur cushions of different shapes and sizes to give a tactile experience of the material as well as the soft look. For bedrooms or reading nooks pick a cuddle-friendly statement rug or throw for instant warmth. If you’re feeling quirky, a furry soft toy can easily be the perfect conversation starter!

Because of the tactile experience of fur and the opulence it adds to any room, it makes for the perfect winter décor.

2.    Balance is everything - Understated, yet completely on-point, faux-fur is the easiest way to add toasty winter warmth to any room. Too much and you run the risk of it looking like you’re trying too hard, too little and it will disappear into the background. The knack to getting it just right involves limiting fur to a few items. Try a fur upholstered bench by a large French window or the foot of the bed or pillows and poufs in creamy pastel shades to punctuate a large room. Remember, lighter-coloured fur also means that it transitions into the early summer months more easily than rich, dark hues.

3.    Texture play - Long or short haired, single tones or pelt-like patterns - the look and feel is important if you want it to be tasteful not tacky. Update a minimalist space with little effort by adding key fur or even velvet accents.

4.    Attention to details - Your most elaborate purchases are only as good as how much time and effort you need to maintain them. Look for soft furnishings that don’t shrink, fade or fray and can be cleaned easily. 


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