Minimalist magic: Brunch setting

There’s something ethereal about a setting that shines through with just simple, beautiful crockery, cutlery, and a little help from nature. Set the tone for a magical brunch with a beautiful, basic white overlay, gold cutlery, strings of fairy lights and some fresh, green leaves




Verandah Table Classic Table Cloth Large from Nicobar, Rs 4,200





Wine Glasses Acrylic Pink (set of six) from ABACA, Rs 5,400 





Tiffany Set from INV Home, Rs 19,950





Vina Tumbler Amber (set of six) from INV home, Rs 3,251 





Geo Napkin Ring Set (set of four) from The Label Life, Rs 1,290  




Patara Betteleaf – Grey Ceramic Quarter Plate from Jaypore, Rs 800

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


BH Shop
6 January 2017


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