Ideas for a breezy brunch

We got Arya Nerker, Design Head – Home at lifestyle brand Nicobar to spill the beans on setting up a breezy brunch table to impress guests

We’ve got you covered for the next time you’re thinking of hosting a brunch soiree at your place. Summer demands a light, breezy vibe, not only for the kind of food you’re serving, but also in terms of your table décor and setup too. Design Head – Home at Nicobar, Arya Nerker shares her invaluable insights on preparing a brunch that screams summer:

For the table:

White muslin curtain against breezy linen tablecloths, and banana leaves as table mats are what she suggests for a relaxed brunch.

For the crockery:

Arya suggests using brass planters to display seasonal fruits – this creates height on the table and is visually interesting. For a hint of the outdoors, bring in seasonal palms, flowers, or leaves. “And always keep citronella-anything handy to keep the mosquitoes at bay when outdoors.” As a thoughtful gesture, keep at hand little chocolates to serve with coffee at the end of your brunch.

For the food:

The type of food you serve will depend on whether you’re doing a sit-down dinner or a buffet. However, one thing common to both is that it should be hearty and wholesome. “Even if it's just one thing you're serving, make it generous and the best your home has to offer,” says Arya. “I prefer eating communal family-style – set up a visually fun table with the food in the centre and everybody sits down together and helps themselves.” 

For the drinks:

A fully stocked bar is a must for any party, so it’s no different when it comes to your brunch. Arya also recommends preparing at least one cocktail beforehand.

For setting the ambience:

The light can make or break the mood for your brunch. “Light must not be harsh but more tempered. I like layered ambient lighting that one gets from muslin curtains or rattan chicks.”

For the final touches:

There’s only one way to prevent stressing out on d-day – planning in advance. Arya suggests allowing enough time for getting ready and settling down with just a drink before your guests start arriving.


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


6 April 2018

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