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10 home organising products you need

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Must haves when you are on the de-clutter spree

So you’ve decided to get down to business and organise your home?​ Before you jump onto the mildly OCD bandwagon, we need to arm you with the right tools. We’ve gone ahead and picked out the most essential products to form your organising artillery. Strap on for the extra neat ride…

Wicker Baskets

Their warm brown weaves go with every colour known to mankind. Plus, their versatility is unmatched. They can go from the dry area in the bathroom to the bedroom cabinets with ease. Closed on all side, small items and “random stuff” now have a place to call ​home​. 

Transparent Jars

Glass or plastic, see-through jars are a god-send. Store everything from your kid’s crayons to pasta in it for easy and stylish access. Besides, how chic are mason jars! 

 Drawer Dividers

One might not think too much of these simple plastic trays with sections but a drawer organiser can make or break your neatness quotient. Take them from the kitchen drawer ​to the bathroom drawer​ ​to the dresser drawer,​ to make life simpler. 

Chalkboard or Whiteboard

A billion times better than sticky notes and much more effective than words, the all-holy notice board can help organise life with the family. Write down instructions, reminders or even inspirational quotes to pep the family up. 

Underbed Storage Trunks

Sturdy trunks can be easily hidden under beds and removed when needed. Perfect for making each family member responsible for his or her own hoard of things. 

Magnetic Strips

Nail it to the wall to hold keys in the living room, knives in the kitchen and bobby pins or makeup brushes in the bedroom. 

Jewellery & Shoe Holders

This one might not be the prettiest solution around but they sure are nifty. If you can manage to hide it behind closet doors, you will be saving yourself time, space and money. 

Cable Tags and Ties

Yes, we have more electronics in the house than people these days. With these life-changing gadgets come a host of wires and cords to make your home look messy. Invest in tags to label those cables and buy ties to neatly roll and hold back extra long wires.

Binders and Shoe Boxes

From tax related receipts to restaurant menus, there is a whole lot of paperwork that needs filing and boxing. 

Wardrobe Organisers

These cloth bags are perfect to store away freshly drycleaned saris and lehengas. The embroidered details, sequins and other embellishments stay intact in these zipped bags.

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