Two easy ways to invite the outdoors into your house

The natural, organic vibe of wicker is perfect if you are missing the outdoors this winter. If you are dreaming of Mimosas and beach filled days in Alibag or Goa, it might be the right time to go with this boho style:

1.    Relax, take it easy - The one key component of recreating a genuine outdoorsy feel is to make sure it’s fuss-free. Use uniquely shaped and different sized wicker or rattan baskets for a trendy look and easy storage along with natural fibres to upholster rustic pieces of furniture for an uplifting, contemporary feel.

2.    Who dares wins - A tropical palette offers you the chance to be as subtle or as bold as you like. Whites, creams, blues, greens and even some sunshine yellow and gold - there is enough room to make a space as cool or as warm as you want to. So, don’t shy away from energising pops of leafy green, canary yellow, azure and salmon to uplift a space.

From nature-inspired lighting fixtures and furniture to whimsical natural fabrics and prints, a coastal theme is all about pushing the bounds of your creativity and injecting your home with a truly chilled out vibe. Scroll down to get the look:

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