Make your own memory board with this easy DIY video

Always wanted a memory board for your home and didn’t know where to buy one? With the help of our DIY video, you can now make one for yourself.

Materials Required:
-        Bhusa Board (available at your local hardware store)

-        Fabric (to cover the board)

-        Brass Board Pins

-        Scissors

-        Accessories for the memory board

How to:
1.        Lay out the fabric of your choice on a flat surface and place the board on it.

2.        Fold over the extra fabric from all sides, and secure them tightly with the brass pins so that the fabric is stretched as securely
            as possible.

3.        Trim excess fabric from all sides.

4.        Turn over the memory board and it’s good to use.

5.        Pin your favourite photographs and accessories on the memory board.

You can either get a hook drilled at the back and hang it from the wall or have the board rest on your table if you don’t want to fix it to the wall.

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