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Take a behind-the-scenes look at the tie-and-dye process from Pure Fine Fabrics' Dastakar collection

Ever wondered about the origin of that tie-and-dye fabric in your home? Did you ever wonder who made it and what their story was? The answer is probably no. That’s why we loved the behind-the-scenes look that this video from Pure Fine Fabrics, a division of The Pure Concept, brings to the age old tie-and-dye process.  

Titled Dastakar, the video narrates the story of a piece of tie-and-dye fabric taking the viewer through the entire dyeing process, from the point of view of the craftspeople who have been practising this craft for generations in their family.

The Dastakar collection from Pure Fine Fabrics comprises of abstract free-flowing tie-dyed patterns on one hand and intricately embroidered patterns in aari-style on the other. Watch the video.

Written By: Bindu Nair


06 December 2016

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