Make your own Diwali decor this year, instead of buying the same old garlands

Flower hangers give a festive air to your home décor during Diwali. Follow our easy, step-by-step DIY guide to make these hangers for your home, this Diwali.

Materials Required:
-         Embroidery Hoop

-         Scissors

-         Flower strings (of varying lengths)

-         String

How to:
1.         Take the embroidery hoop and tie a shoelace knot on the frame to fix the string in one place.

2.         With the same length of string, finish a knot on the opposite side of the hoop.

3.         Create a similar knot with another string on the other side of the hoop.

4.         Take a flower string and cover the hoop frame, trim the end of the string to keep it tidy.

5.         Now take a longer flower string and tie it in a way so that it hangs from the hoop.

6.         Next take a shorter string and tie it next to the longer one.

7.         Repeat this pattern until the entire hoop is covered.

8.         Hang this up from your balcony with Diwali fairy lights to add some DIY magic to your décor.

Happy Diwali from the Beautiful Homes Team!

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