Make your own Diwali decor this year, instead of buying it from the florist at the last minute

This year, give your Diwali decor a twist. Instead of the same old marigold garlands, make your own floral balls that you can use to accessorise your dining table, your console or even string up to hang from your balcony. We noticed people asking for these at the florists and thought they could easily be made at home. (and we were right!)

Materials Required:
-        Loose Flowers (preferably marigolds)

-        A pack of toothpicks

-        Round Floral Brick Foam (As the florist for Oasis)

How to:
1.        Pierce the marigold in the center, making sure that the tip of the toothpick is hidden in the petals.

2.        Take the round Oasis foam and pierce it with the flower.

3.        Cover the whole foam with the pierced marigolds.

4.        When done, use your hands to keep the flowers in place, trimming extra petals with a pair of scissors if necessary. 

5.        Now, use these finished floral balls as accessories in low vases, or plates or use a long needle to string a marigold string from
            its center, so you can hang them up in your balcony, right next to your fairy lights.

Happy Diwali from the Beautiful Homes team!

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