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Make your own Diwali rangoli this year

Have you always looked wistfully at rangolis in other people’s houses and wondered why you can’t even draw a straight line yourself? Our DIY rangoli trick will help you create your very own floral rangoli without any help from anyone. You will need the following materials. 

Materials Required:
-        Large circular tray

-        Plate (mid-sized)

-        Round coaster

-        Chalk

-        Loose flowers (of your choice)

How to:
1.        Take a large tray and with a piece of chalk, outline it on the area where you would like the rangoli to be.

2.        Next, take a smaller plate and create an outline within the larger one.

3.        Take a round coaster and make a smaller outline within the last one that you made.

4.        Now take the plate and make smaller circles on the periphery of the larger outline, the final shape should look like a flower.

5.        Now fill up the outlines with loose flowers of your choice.

6.        Light a candle and place it in the center of your rangoli

7.        Your very own DIY Rangoli is ready.

Happy Diwali from Team Beautiful Homes!

Written By: Bindu Nair


26 October 2016

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