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Looking for a new twist to your planter? Try our DIY gumboot planter for size

With the monsoons on their way out, your gumboots may find themselves a little out of weather (pun intended). Try our gumboot planter DIY to give your floral arrangements a new twist and put your gumboots to use, too. Watch the DIY video.

Materials required:
-         A pair of gumboots

-         Two bricks of floral foam

-         Flowers of your choice

How to:
1.          Measure the floral brick foam to ensure that it fits in your gumboots.

2.          Fix the foam with adhesive. 

3.          Make sure you spritz them with a little water to make them look fresh.

4.          Your gumboot planter is ready. 

Written By: Bindu Nair


21 October 2016
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