Try our DIY pegboard idea to organise your kitchen better

Materials required:
-        A perforated aluminium sheet (please note, the thickness of the sheet will determine how much weight it can bear)

-        Utensils of your choice

-        S Hooks

-        Nail and drill.

How to:
1.          Drill a nail to the back of the sheet to fix it on your kitchen wall.

2.          Fix storage panels of your choice to fit smaller cans.

3.          Next, arrange S hooks (available at your local hardware store) on the sheet in a way that will fit your utensils.

4.          Organise the utensils that you use regularly on the sheet in a way that appeals to you.

           (We even fitted a small flower planter on the pegboard to show you how you can mix it up)

5.          Your kitchen pegboard is ready!

Please Note: Ensure that the thickness of the sheet that you use, can withstand the weight of the utensils you have put on it. 

Written By: Bindu Nair


21 October 2016

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