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Your easy guide to the ultimate kitchen makeover


A little bit of colour, the right kind of accessories and some creativity—that’s all you need to transform your kitchen from being simply utilitarian to functional and fun


Chances are, you have a neutral-coloured kitchen that’s awash in white, off-white, cream, pale yellow or its affiliate hues. It’s a safe choice, opting for neutral, muted tones. But suppose, you decided to be a shade more different, just that much more adventurous in adding a little vibrancy to your kitchen.

Neutral-coloured Kitchen Design Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Neutral-coloured Shelves Design for Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

And you don’t have to wonder what it could look like; through this kitchen makeover, we’ve shown you how a little bit of colour and clever additions can make your kitchen look cool. One look at this cosy, elegant blue-hued kitchen design will make a colour convert out of you.


While the original kitchen created that much-needed illusion of space with its pale-coloured decor, it lacked a certain character.

Pale-coloured Original Kitchen Décor - Beautiful Homes

White and Blue Combination Kitchen Décor Ideas With Tonal White Texture - Beautiful Homes


In the makeover, the effect of white has been retained for that element of spaciousness, but the cobalt blue adds strong, defined lines and structure to the kitchen. The shade of white used has a grey undertone in it, which complements the blue and gives the kitchen a contemporary look. The back walls of the cabinets wallpapered in tonal white gives a delicate texture to an otherwise plain wall.

The copper accents further enhance the overall decor. To offset the blue colour, the finishes are muted, as are the accessories.


We bet you’re convinced about the value of cleverly used colours and subtle accessorising. If you’re looking to get a similar look for your kitchen, here’s a list of essentials to get you started!


Styled/Produced By

Nidhi Tiwari

Photography By

Neville Sukhia

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