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In 2020, it is possible to be in the office in our pajamas, to work with our pets at the feet, our children in the next room. Work-from-home has changed the meaning and notion of work-life-balance, office room and homelife, as beds have turned into makeshift desks. Since this situation is here to stay for a while, how do we create a space that’s better suited to pressures of work and the indulgences of home. Guest stylist, Nidhi Tiwari, Founder of Spaces and Stories, sorted through a list of ideas at the Asian Paints Signature Store in Mumbai, and styled a space that you can easily copy for your own space. 

A room with a study table and two chairs, placed on a colourful rug, a rattan room divider and some frames hung on the wall

Choosing a soothing colour palette for the workspace will help you focus on work better.

Research shows soft colours are soothing to the mind, and helps focus on the task at hand. In fact, bright and bold colours demand too much attention. The colour palette we opted for is inspired by the Asian Paints Trend forecast 2020, ‘Potent’. The colour green is dominating the trend in various shades along with other light and muted colours. Research shows that green is the colour that helps concentration the most and so is beneficial in workspaces.

Look for a spare corner in any room. Preferably look for a spot next to the window or a space that has a good amount of natural light. Once you have fixed your location, demarcate it with an area rug. Then, get your essentials, like a desk and chair, and put them in place. Next place a room divider or curtain to divide the space from the rest of the room. This way you won’t be distracted.

Ergonomics is key, so choose a chair that is comfortable. It should let you rest your back and keep it upright. The main chair in this setting resembles an office chair. Another thing you can do is add multiple seats, without overcrowding the space. This will be helpful in case there is more than one working professional at home. It also takes care of seating for people who visit. Another key product is the desk. The height and the width should match your requirement. For e.g. If you have more than one person working, make sure to go for a table that has enough space to place two laptops easily. You can take a look at our list of curated desks here.

A study table placed on a rug, with a pink flower vase placed on the table and a rattan room divider besides the table

Placing a room divider or curtain to divide the space from the rest of the room, will help avoid distractions.

A wooden lamp placed on a study table, a photo frame, a laptop and a planter besides the table

Investing in a good quality table lamp will prove beneficial as you work, irrespective of the time.

A study table with a laptop, a table lamp and a pink flower vase

Accessorising the space with plants and fresh flowers will bring in freshness to the setting.

Since meetings are virtual now, it is very important to appear professional here too. Generally, the video in a call will show the rest of the room or house right behind you; this view restricts the rest of the family from moving around, for fear of making a guest appearance in a meeting. To put an end to this struggle, we have the main seat with its back to the wall. Then we gave the wall some personality by adding artwork that suits the space and looks curated to the viewers of your virtual meetings. This way the video call will only show a styled backdrop.
The key to keeping your desk clutter free is to place only what you need on it. We have listed some desk organisers that you may like here. In this setting, we have used a pen holder that has space for smaller things like paper clips; it also has space to keep bigger things like books. We have used a laptop stand that holds a phone as well. It has ventilation holes and is light weight—so, you can take it along easily if you move around the house for a change of scene. 

Accessorise the space with plants and fresh flowers. They will bring in freshness to the setting. You can place a photo to add a personal touch to your table. A very important product is the table lamp. Invest in one that provides a good amount of light. This will help illuminate the desk and provide focused light as you work. 

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