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Take a moment today to look at your home. The pieces of furniture, and how they are placed. Does your side table have a pile of books or a vase full of flowers? The choice of colours on your walls and then on the sofa’s upholstery. Our homes speak so much about us and our personality, and with our homes becoming a place for self-nurturing, it is important to create spaces that find a balance between being a reflection of you and purely about décor. Décor that reflects you, your history, inclinations, your backstory, that kind of decor is unique, it is beyond catalogue images and perfect sets that look like they belong in another country. We wanted to create a space of personality rooted in cultural nuances, reflecting latest trends, but also accepting the limitations of space that is a reality in many Indian cities. To achieve this, we teamed up with one of our longstanding favourites, production designer Shruti Gupte, who has industry experience of over a decade, to style a series of spaces for us. The results are rooms that reflect the personalities of its inhabitants and embrace objects with meaning. Minimalistic, these spaces are not, instead these rooms allow us to seek comfort in the things that we inherit, in the colours we identify with, in the objects we chance upon and fall in love with.


The home of someone who enjoys collecting antiques, picking stories and displaying them is the kind of person who finds warmth in history. A space that takes you through time and tells you tales of the resident’s and their ancestors, where they come from and what they treasure. A bit about their traditions and culture and how they seamlessly translate it in an apartment of today. 

A mix of traditional and contemporary designs creates an interesting setting that doesn’t stick to a style and yet seems relevant to the theme.


The main element in this space is the wall art. Shruti chose an intricately designed traditional piece of Odisha Pattachitra art that showcases Indian motifs. This sets the mood of the room. The colours, the material and the traditional theme has been picked up from here and then used in various ways around the room.


A warm colour palette has been chosen to create an inviting space. The shades on the walls form a bold yet comforting base. Which is then seen across the room in various tones and shades.


The upholstery used on the sofas has been taken from Asian Paints’ Nilaya range that was designed in collaboration with The Pure Concept Home. These in particular are from the Yukta collection. This premium choice of fabrics add a layer of softness while introducing embroidered prints to the setting. While two sofas have detailed designs, a two seater has been added with stripes to break the monotony. The curtains have been taken from the Heartland collection designed by Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya, by Asian Paints. These too have stripes that bring in a little glimmer to the setting. From the same collection a selection of cushions adds a touch of luxury. This works best if you are dressing up your space for the festive season.


The furniture is a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. The sofas for example have new-age structures. While the prints on them take you back in time. The coffee table, the side board and two of the side tables remind you of a palace-like aesthetic.

While the other side table and console have a modern touch. This mix and match of furniture allows you to create an interesting setting that doesn’t stick to a style and yet seems relevant to the theme. All the furniture is from the House of Asian Paints.


The table lamps have also been chosen from the House of Asian Paints. They have a marble and brass finish with a simple white lamp shade. These bring in warm yellow light adding to the relaxed mood of the room. The floor lamp has a more patterned lampshade to create a balance here as well.


Shruti has chosen brass elements with various patterns along with antique pieces to depict a variety of traditional elements. Even though the elements all follow a similar language, the colours, the material and the structures are all different. The Orissa processional heads for example are hand crafted by the artisans of a village of Khandpura, where in these are made for the annual Krishnalila and Ramlila processions. The wood carved statuette on the other hand is a craft that originates in Karnataka.  While choosing accessories, one needs to keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to stick to the same look and style. A mix always adds interest to objects. It allows you to appreciate all the pieces on display. Plus presenting any piece in a new and interesting way will always add charm to your setting.


Isha Shah

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