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Stylish Teen Room Ideas

For a teenager a bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep, it is the cocoon to which they retreat in order to protect their misunderstood selves from the hassling world of grown-ups. So having a room that echoes their personal style is important. 

Teen bedroom decorated with lights on a dark wall, white writing desk, colourful bed linen and pillows

If you’re starting on a project to design a space for your teenager then it pays to keep these things in mind:

1.    See their space through their perspective. 

2.    Include fun and playful elements to make it interesting. 

3.    Invest in a classic bed, which is neutral in design and colour. That way you can make changes in the bedroom without having to reinvest in
       major furniture pieces.

4.    Throw in a lot of pillows and cushions to make the bed snug 

5.    Make studying inviting by adding a lamp, a comfortable chair and knick-knacks. Add a plant to make things homey.

6.    Add at least one statement piece that could be the central focus of the room.

To help you get started with your vision board, we created two looks for two separate teen personality types. There are some DIY pieces, lots of imaginative elements and ideas that are very easy to replicate. 



1.    A neutral white bed against a grey backdrop is a sophisticated combination. A little shelf above the bed with dainty curio pieces make
      interesting details. An upcycled gift bag replaces the regular vase and can hold pretty faux flowers, a great no-maintenance option. 

2.    Use a sheer fabric or a thin stole and sew tassels onto the edges. Hang some fairy lights behind them and hang this up on the ceiling or wall
        to make pretty mood lighting.

3.    String up their favourite memories on the study wall. Use Polaroid pictures hung with clothespins instead of regular picture frames.

4.    Use clipboards to write messages, put up favourite quotes or hang jewellery for easy access. A pretty dreamcatcher on the wall completes the
        look. Plants always lend warmth and care to a space.


Writing desk in concrete and steel, modern items as decor including a skateboard as floating shelf

A combination of colours, shades and tones will brighten the room.

Teen room decor consisting of modern bedside table and skateboard as a rack to hang clothes

Skateboards double up as interesting wall elements.

Modern writing desk stylishly decorated with lights and art

A skateboard as a shelf, a propellor as décor and the room is immediately interesting.


1.    A neutral bed always helps draw attention to other details and colours used in the room. Add cushions in a mix up of two or three shades for

2.    Here, we used a customised vintage-inspired wooden propeller from Wood Feather as the focal point of the room, above the bed. 

3.    Spray paint an old skateboard in the colour of your choice and hang it on the wall as shelving. 

4.    Upcycle another skateboard for hanging clothes, medals etc. All you have to do is add hooks to the back of the board so it fixes to the wall.

5.    Add some pop art, something they love and can identify with. 

6.    A printed rug with geometric design works well with solid-coloured cushions and bed covers. 

7.    Finally, remember—rooms don’t have to be perfect. Involve the kids, create a list of must-haves and go from there. 

Styled By

Jyotsna Kanal

Production By

Mona Ahuja

Photography By

Prachi Damle

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