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Style a bright yet cosy window-side seat just for one, to enjoy the rainy view


Colours, textures and patterns to brighten up the season

Do you have a spot from where to catch the view? Redecorate it into a nook that’s cosy enough to sink into and so pretty it becomes your favourite. Combine neutrals, colours and patterns through different accessories, from a knit herringbone rug and monochrome blinds to bright pillow covers. The wire mesh chair is a savvy choice - light and modern, it is a perfect foil to the hefty, scallop-edged wood table and plush window settee.

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Mix and match classic flourishes with clean modern elements for a setting that’s fresh yet stays true to its desi roots.

Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Photography By:

Neville Sukhia

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