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Start your day with yoga and breakfast at the beach


Don the yoga pants, stretch your imagination, meditate on life, and watch the ebb and flow of waves—but do it all in style. Here’s what you need to pack for a quiet picnic by the sea





The world, it would seem, is always in some kind of chaos, where disorder takes a life of its own, where the frenetic frenzy that characterises city life seems inescapable and corrodes your inner calm, presses down on you and takes away a chance to breathe freely. And you feel overwhelmed by it all. We suggest you pack off to a quiet corner, along a tranquil stretch of some far-away beach perhaps, get in some yoga to focus your mind, centre your energies, balance your chi—and find yourself. Then when you’re all calm and centred, tuck into some light and healthy breakfast as you meditate on life and watch the waves. And to take away the stress of planning what to pack, here’s a quick and easy list of everything you need to get away from it all.


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