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Pull your shelves together with these easy styling tips


Styling shelves is about finding the method to the madness

Functional, decorative or a mix of both, shelves can do exactly what you want them to for your home decor. But how do you edit what goes on them? Should you arrange your stuff by colour and size or just love for the knick-knacks?


Use neutrals and blank space to punctuate all the stacks of books at different heights and accents of varying colour and material. The result can be fuss-free and easy on the eyes.

Lucky for you, our experts give you all the tips you’ll need along with curated list of décor pieces you can buy now to set up your shelves:

1.    Use the size, weight and shape of books to full effect. Create visual balance along the entire shelf by placing them in horizontal and vertical stacks and playing with left and right alignment.
2.    Bring in artworks or picture frames to break the monotony and personalise shelves. Punctuate with a couple of well-chosen sculptures or figurines.
3.    For those of us who find it hard to commit to a single medium, we say you don’t have to! Play with wood, glass and ceramic to see what fits your space and style most organically.
4.    Grow green! We love that there are so many indoor plant options now. Add cascading ferns or large-leafed plants to connect the elements of your shelves and bring the look together.
5.    Layer like a boss. Place photo or art frames near the back of the shelf and add small collectables in front. Use the depth of the shelf to create a unique focal point.
6.    Place books you’d reach for the most on easily accessible spots. Position large decorative pieces on hard-to-get shelves at the top, where they will stand out better.


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Prachi Damle

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