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Take a leisurely ride on the backwaters with this Kerala-inspired setting warm, earthy tone


Use a mix of wood and natural materials to create a Kerala-home vibe.

IN THE PICTURE, Clockwise, from the left, Tuskar solidwood nesting table from Home Town, Rs 12,500 (set of 2) ON THE SIDE TABLE Peacock Photoframe, Rs 1950, Elephant Photoframe,  Rs 1950, both from Baaya; Copper Jug from Westside, Rs 1099 ON THE WALL Amber Lantern from Good Earth, Rs 2100; Silk Saree used as Window Curtains from Nalli silks, Rs 699 (per piece); Classical Abstract Photoframe from Home Town, Rs 1595 ON THE FLOOR Low wooden bed, customised by the stylist; Solid Sheeting from Nicobar, Rs 5800 (set of 4 pcs); Bolsters, Customised By Stylist; 

Cornet Table Lamp from Orange Tree, Rs 4499; Elephant shelf on wall, Rs 1950; Dracaena plant, Rs 2200; Ceramic Mud Pot, Rs 4600, both from Green Grower; Tuskar Solidwood Centre Table from Home Town, Rs 15900 ON THE CENTER TABLE Glass Lamp from Baaya, Rs 1650; Dewa Dhuna Diffuser from Good Earth, Rs 2500 ON THE FLOOR (Foreground) Metallic Pot (Big) Rs 2965, Metallic Pot (small) Rs 2060, both from Baaya.

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