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How to make your living room vibrant and welcoming

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The Pandemic has changed a lot of things, including the way we set up our homes. Reinventing our indoors seems like the solution to our longing for the outdoors. Whether we’re missing greenery or the presence of people, a couple of changes in how we put things together at home can make all the difference. We invited guest stylist, Nidhi Tiwari, Founder of Spaces and Stories, to translate this thought into a series of looks. With a clear vision in mind, we headed to the Asian Paints Signature Store in Mumbai to style areas in ways that you can easily replicate at home.

The living room has always been the main place we entertain guests but now expectations from this room have gone up. It is no longer just a seating area, or a room to exhibit the furniture we can afford. The living room designs has become the focal point of the home in pandemic-era décor. In the festival season of 2020 one can imagine house parties taking over the social scene, as small groupings of people in a bubble gather for celebrations. Catching up over a pack of cards and snacks, choosing intimate over crazy is a natural part of this moment people refer to as ‘the new normal’. The following arrangement techniques and styling tips will guide you through this transformation process:

A Living room setting with a yellow sofa, coffee table, lamp and artwork

The artwork works as the focal point in the room and has been made by putting some of Nilaya by Asian Paint’s beautifully designed wallpapers together, to add a hint of dimension. Image courtesy, Prachi Damle

The Theme
The theme followed in this setting is inspired by Asian Paints Trend forecast 2020, “Blend’. This style allows a lot of bright colours and elements to come together and create a vibrant space. This is a mood really set for happy ‘meet-ups’.

The Focal point
The artwork is the focal point in this room. Colours have been picked up from there and then spread around the room. This artwork was created by putting different patterns together, to add a hint of dimension. We made these using some of Nilaya by Asian Paint’s beautifully designed wallpapers. So if you have leftover wallpaper from any past renovations, you can use it up to make an interesting piece of art.

How to make it work
Colour: Using the colour blocking technique, interesting and complementary colour combinations have been created here. We have portrayed this using the Florence 3 Seater sofa from Royale Furniture by Asian paints in mustard yellow, a red console on the side and splashes of bright colours all over the room.
Patterns: Patterns have been put in to add some dimension to the look. The monotony of the patterns has been broken by adding abstract prints like the terrazzo floor cushion and natural elements like the plants and leaf prints.  
Material: A variety of material has been used; fabric, leather and a couple of gold accents. This is to add different textures to the room
The background: The main point to note is that when a lot of different colours, materiels and patterns are at play, the backdrop needs to be in a neutral colour to help tie it together and balance it all. We have used a white wall. This way the room won’t look overwhelming and will have enough breathing space.

Carpet Layering
Layering two carpets one on top of the other visually increases the floor area of the space where everyone is sitting. This way nobody will huddle too close to each other. We have layered two patterned rugs that complement each other. This also adds some point of interest to the floor.

The Seating
The seating has been arranged in such a way that everyone will naturally follow social distancing norms and yet won’t miss out the intimacy of a gathering. Using multiple seats that have varying looks and sizes will add interest to the room. And each person gets to choose a unique seat!

The Shared Surface
Choosing a big sized coffee table makes sure that everyone in the room can reach it without having to come too close to one another. It will be the only piece of furniture that will be shared by everyone involved and so will bring in the sense of belonging in the gathering. Also, picking a table that has glass top and thin feet will ensure more visual breathing space and won’t block the view of the room.

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