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Go hide and sleek with a leather study this New Year


Vintage or modern - whatever your style may be - leather interiors can give you the look you desire


While ethical considerations play a big role in what kind of hide you buy, there is no dearth of options. For a first timer, faux leather is the easiest way to go but it also has its limitations. Look a little harder and you will find ethically sourced/produced and tanned leather for a slightly higher price.

Our fascination for leather is hardly shocking news. But that tells us something about the universal appeal of leather, which has made sure it has found its way into everything from fashion to decor. We hate to stereotype but since leather has always been associated with masculine qualities, in a living space it can help add a distinctively sleek and sturdy vibe quite effortlessly.

Updating your home with leather needn’t be a daunting task - we suggest starting small. Here are a few ideas on how you can create a cosy study or reading nook with leather.

1.    Versatile style - Real or faux, leather is among the most adaptable materials around. Thick, soft, well-worn, differently grained and available in a slew of colours - you can almost never run out of hides to play with. Besides, the tactile response and the rich odour are simply missing from any other material. Use it to upholster your favourite reading chair or find a beautifully tanned piece to stretch over a table top, lampshade or even the floor! 

2.    Easy to please - While fabric accents usually mean extremely careful use, leather is built for tougher stuff. Easy to clean, virtually stain-resistant and spill friendly, hide is that rare mix of luxury and practicality. Daily wear-and-tear only softens the material and develops its character as time passes. Perfect for anyone who loves a great story behind a statement piece in their home - n'est-ce pa?

3.    Old school, new age - Scandi-style is everywhere and wonderfully, so is leather. Leather conforms easily to traditional tastes of opulence as easily as it moulds to the contemporary aesthetic of minimal, high performance pieces that bring a room together. Leather magazine racks, pen holders and even display trinket boxes are all nuanced additions to a great leather theme. 


Styled/Produced By

Nidhi Tiwari

Photography By

Prachi Damle

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