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Get summer-ready with this high-energy primary colour shelf idea

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When it comes to styling with bright, happy colours, the possibilities are endlessly fascinating

Summer brings to mind the brightest, happiest patterns and palettes. And what could be more cheerful than going back to the three individual colours that make up many of the other colours we know and love? So, entertainment room, entryway or home-office, here’s how we tackled this colour-coordinated shelf idea with a powerful pairing of red, blue, and yellow with monochrome.

Curate your layers: When you’re thinking in bold colours, curation is key to getting it right. Start with a few things that you love - like books and your favourite travel souvenirs and layer statement pieces, funky sculptures, and personal finishing touches into the final picture. Add movement with (as in this case) brightly coloured lamps that can be re-focussed to highlight different elements for a continually evolving look.

Go back in time: Against a background of a neutral room, this punchy coloured shelving goes from looking like your toddler picked out the colours to something more modern and reminiscent of the 1980s Memphis Design style. Give primary colours the leading role while letting the monochrome pieces support the final look.

Go Green - With so much edgy, geometric perfection, adding a few sculptural objects and some green leafy plants can soften the look. Try different kinds of potted plants in quirky decorative planters for a dynamic display that oozes personality.

A cleanly colour-blocked shelf can be a visual treat and a thing of beauty. Remember to try different arrangements that transition well and use monochrome as the perfect breather.

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Nidhi Tiwari


Prachi Damle

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