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From a charming Mumbai rental on a budget

Recreate the look of this of Mumbai apartment to give your space a boho twist

We love the casual-chic vibe in Daribha Lyndem and Adhiraj Singh’s mid-century modern home. Here’s a round up of products that will help you get this look for your living room.

Produced By:

Nidhi Tiwari

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Go for gold

Go glam with a combination of red and gold with a hint of pattern thrown in for good measure

Industrial chic

Soften the edges of a raw, industrial look with the use of quirky accessories

The white window

The weather’s just right for an afternoon of fun. Celebrate the winter sun with chic whites, glossy gold and heaps of fresh greens

Mood indigo

Feeling the Monday blues? One look at this gorgeous indigo-led décor will make you think happy thoughts. Picture blue skies, the first drops of rain or the boundless ocean. Choose from our pick of accessories to create a cool look

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