Décor ‘looks’ of the year

If the most popular décor looks stories are an indication, reading and sleeping are two activities our readers take very seriously. With simple embellishments and add-ons and a host of styling tips, these stories have loads to ogle and learn from.

1.    A reading corner that is intimate and extravagant
When the decade began, they predicted we’d see the end of reading as an activity. And maybe slightly better, the optimists thought everyone would switch from actual books to Kindles. But, it seems, books have survived, and moreover the romance of reading an actual book remains. Books were in fact one of the most popular décor elements of the decade, so much so that there was a point in the middle of the naughts when stylists swore off coffee-table books as accessories. But books remain and this décor story on reading corners was one of the most popular ‘looks’ we created. This shoot, with its combination of textures, patterns and colours, has a cool-geek vibe. Revisit the story here…

2.    Make your bedroom the ultimate sanctuary  
A dressed-down simple bedroom in muted, soothing colours creates the ultimate sanctuary. Putting together different textures and patterns in the same colour palette makes the décor of this ‘look’ simple, but effective. It is also rustic, using natural materials, all inspired by vernacular sleep furniture.

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