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As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, people have started taking baby steps towards meeting up again. A terrace or an open-air area is probably the safest gathering ground there is. In order to make sure the space is inviting and interesting, we asked guest stylist Nidhi Tiwari, Founder of Spaces and Stories to style an outdoor gathering.

When celebrating in an open space, choose a time of the day when the sun isn’t harsh, and there’s no likelihood of rain.

Terrace with a rug, a centre table with candles placed on it, and chairs and and seats placed around the table

A terrace or an open-air area is probably the safest gathering ground there is, in the current scenario.

We chose Rustic-Bohemian as the theme. While décor for the daytime can be full of bright colours, nighttime needs a softer palette. Since we are celebrating in a location where there isn’t any white light, it’s best to adapt to the vibe the night sky offers. Choose colours that are neutral or have a faded effect. Placing seats that have a distressed finish and light-coloured rugs will go with the theme of this setting. Also, place some dried leaves and flowers in neutral shades to add various textures to the look.

We used lamps in the space to bring in a little yellow light. They are placed in such a way that they highlight the important spaces like the food areas and some seats. Add a sense of depth by layering various areas with different kinds of lamps and light fixtures. Due to this the lighting won’t look flat and boring, instead it will add to the décor.

A corner of a coffee table with candles and sweets on it

Placing a low-height coffee table along with various side tables lets people on seats or on the floor easily grab a bite.

A two tier trolley with candles and glass flower vases on it

Using a bar trolley, makes drinks and food easily accessible.

A corner of a coffee table with a packaged gift placed on it

Placing some dried leaves and flowers in neutral shades adds various textures to the look.

It’s best to not crowd or huddle. So, making use of rugs to offer floor seating is a good option. Besides rugs, keep a couple of chairs, an Ottoman, some floor cushions and a bench or two for people who aren’t comfortable on the floor. This way there is plenty of choices for seating.


We placed a low-height coffee table in the centre so people on seats or on the floor could easily grab a bite. Along with this we placed various side tables next to the seats that were further away from the centre. You could also use a bar trolley, which makes drinks and food even more accessible. 

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