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Create your own sanctuary at home with these décor tips

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If there’s anything we have learnt from 2020, it is the importance of health. Whether it is our mental wellbeing or physical fitness. So, while we run a circus at home with everyday chores and making a living at the same time, remember to take a deep breath in between. Which is why along with our guest stylist Nidhi Tiwari, founder of Spaces and stories, we styled a space that looks and feels like a mini sanctuary right at home.

Here’s how you can do the same.

We recommend choosing the place closest to a window, where you get the most amount of sunlight. If not, look for a spot that has the least amount of noise. If you have a balcony that is big enough, there’s nothing like it!

A single bed in a white bedroom with plants, a table, a guitar and a radio

Styling a space that looks and feels like a mini sanctuary will help you relax.

We took inspiration from the Asian Paints Trend Forecast 2020, ‘Sonic’,  and chose a very soft colour palette. The whole theme is based on various textures and light colours. Neutral shades help calm the senses as there aren’t any bright hues to distract you. We have added plants to the setting as the only element of colour.

When we think of rest, we instantly picture a bed. Since we couldn’t put a whole bed here, nor can anyone afford to sleep on a work break, a day bed works beautifully. Take a power nap or simply rest for a bit.


Layering various textures will add dimension to the setting. Also, opt for soft materials that will help provide additional comfort. For example, we have layered the base rug with one that has a soft fur finish. So, when you step on it, the feet immediately feel great. Add lots of pillows that aren’t stiff and place a soft pouf as well. All of this will create a snug and warm environment.

Focus the accessories and intention of the area to suit your tastes. Perhaps music works to calm your nerves, or books, or meditation, 

whatever works, pepper the corner with those elements and use them. We’ve largely focused on music, the charms of a guitar and the tinkle of a windchime next to the window.

Surround the space with greens. Add in planters of various sizes to make sure there’s no monotony. But don’t overcrowd the area.

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