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Create an elegant table setting for Ganesh Chaturthi

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This Ganesh Chaturthi once again the crowded streets, dance, music and loud speakers will be avoided in favour of small gatherings at home. Covid has changed the way we celebrate but it doesn’t mean our celebratory cheer and enthusiasm needs to be toned down. Entertaining guests has now become a more intimate and thoughtful affair—which means a lot of detainling has come into the picture. A well-thought out but simple table setting can make all the difference. Here are a few simple tips to a clean and chic look:

Have a theme for the pandal
You could choose to coordinate the look and colours of the Ganesh murti and the decorations around it with the ones on your table. This way the whole space looks in sync and you can use elements from the same selection. Here, we have envisioned an eco-friendly clay based statue and so a lot of elements are in a similar material. The plates, bowls, vase and display stand are all in terracotta clay for a seamless look and feel.

Simple & traditional table decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi with a white table runner - Beautiful Homes

A well-thought out but simple table setting can make all the difference while entertaining guests this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Put all the offerings on the table
All of Lord Ganesh’s favourite food is offered to him in front of his statue. Putting the same on the table allows people choose the prasad for themselves while presenting a lush and inviting setting. Here we have used a cake stand to display all the fruits. Fresh flowers can also make an appearance and people can help themselves to that too.

Create a dramatic centrepiece
Instead of flowers use a mix and match of leaves in varying heights, shapes and sizes. It will make for an interesting centre piece and easily bring in a dramatic element to the look. 

Use elements that relate to the festival
Adding elements that have a significance in the festivities is a great way to incorporate relevance to the setting. For example, Lord Ganesha’s favourite flower is hibiscus and so the same flower is wrapped in a napkin with each plate—something the guest can later take along with them. Another element is his favourite sweet, modak, which can be placed beforehand next to each plate as desert and prasad.

Use heirloom pieces
If this festival has been celebrated in your family for generations, there ought to be some pieces that have been passed on. Use them to add some love and nostalgia to the table. For instance, we have used an old tea pot as a vase to place fresh flowers while adding freshness and colour to the table. We have also added a vintage loban lamp that is used to purify the space and add fragrance.

Use an interesting mix of materials
We have mixed up the look and added layers with a few vintage metal pieces and natural textures like clay, along with fruits and flowers; use objects in glass to balance the two strong material palettes.

Keep the base simple
A minor but important detail is to keep the base of the setting in muted colours to allow layering on top. We used a white table cloth along with light pink table runners for a subtle contrast.

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