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An informal living room

Up your floor seating from casual to plush with lots of cushions in velvet and suede

Bring in texture to create that plush feeling by using several materials such as velvet, suede and silks.

You could spend many wintry afternoons catching up on your reading, simply lounging or getting together with your closest bunch over tea. All you need is a super comfortable space that allows you to let your hair down, and is of course, fuss-free. So where do you start?

Start by picking a comfortable, bouncy mattress and placing it against a wall. Next, pile it up with as many cushions as you can. Choose materials ranging from velvets and suedes for a luxurious yet warm feel. Don’t forget the cosy blanket to throw over your feet for some toasty warmth. Also, keep wooden platters handy to put down that cup of tea. Add a sprig or two of fresh flowers and there - you are set.

Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Photography By:

Prachi Damle

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