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An airy living room


Light colours and minimalistic furniture is all it takes to create a living room that feels airy and spacious


Light colours and essential furniture pieces are the only things you need for an airy living room.

Place a few fragrant flowers in clear vases on your centre table to bring in that fresh feel into the living room.

A sleek console pushed against the wall can provide an extra surface to hold your favourite décor pieces.

It’s a mistake all of us are guilty of making – filling up the living room with furniture just because there’s enough room accommodate it. But it’s time to rethink if all of it is really needed. Your living room should be airy, sunlit and have enough space so people can move about freely. So are you ready to give your living room a fresh look? Light, breezy colours are your best friends when trying to open up your space – start with a white, lightly patterned wallpaper across your living room for that bit of texture. A three-seater or a sectional sofa is adequate space to seat everyone. In case you are expecting several guests, pull out folding chairs and pouffes by all means! A small centre table coupled with a sleek, minimalistic console should provide enough space to hold a few knick-knacks. Remember, compact is key. A large mirror will help reflect more light and make the room seem larger than it is. Now that you’re done redecorating, call some friends over and make the most of your new space.


Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Photography By:

Prachi Damle

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