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A warm, living room alcove

Beige and browns come together with fresh green colours for a neutral, living room corner

Turn a quiet corner into a zen zone with a neutral coloured furniture, plush fabrics and quaint accessories.

Bring in the warm feeling by using earthy colours and natural textures – lots of them!

To give your space a more personalised look, place small accessories and succulents in a wooden tray.

Inducing that warm, inviting vibe into an empty living room corner can be tricky. It can’t be overly done nor can you leave it sparsely furnished – so maintaining balance is key. Neutral colours are a safe zone to explore. The best part of working with beige, tans and browns is you don’t have to worry about them clashing or being too OTT. Start with the basics – a large, easy chair, floor lamp and side table form the crux of the space. Once you’ve figured the setting for these, think about working in some colours in the form of fresh flowers, succulents, knitted throws and cushions. Accessorise with an oversized candle holder and decorative jars.

Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Photography By:

Prachi Damle

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