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A small, monochromatic bedroom

Create some monochrome magic in your bedroom with plush cushions and fun accessories

Bedroom Design with the Classic Black & White Combo, Different Materials for Texture  - Beautiful Homes

Give your bedroom a fun twist with the classic combo of black and white. Use lots of different materials for texture and make your bed linen double up as a headboard!

Small Monochromatic Bedroom Design in Black & White Colour Combination With Textures & Patterns - Beautiful Homes

Monochrome isn’t just limited to using black and white tones – use different textures, patterns and prints to vary the black and white effect.

Small Monochromatic Bedroom Design With Side Table Topped with an Eclectic Pieces - Beautiful Homes

Complete the look with a side table topped with an eccentric collection of table toppers.

While pastels rule the roost when it comes to bedroom designs, we wouldn’t mind bending the rules once in a while, especially when it comes to using our favourite colour. Select a strategic corner and suspend black and white fabric from the top for a unique headboard. Next, pile on some plump cushions with different patterns and textures for that irresistible cushy feeling. Complete the look with a black side table topped with jewellery boxes, alarm clock and current read. Throw in a black and white rug for good measure to drive home the monochrome magic.

Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Photography By:

Prachi Damle

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