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A place of rest: Make your bedroom the ultimate sanctuary


Invest in the simple life with a good night’s sleep in an invitingly dressed-down bedroom


It’s the one place in your entire house that’s personal, your refuge for a stressed-out mind to unwind in, to find restful sleep and recharge your batteries for the next day. In a constantly wired world, where your mind is always in overdrive the bedroom is your sanctuary to escape to.

And as such, it is important to make your bedroom feel comfortable, evoke a sense of calm and help you rejuvenate. This bedroom is all about taking you back to a simpler time. Its warm, rustic appeal with a focus on simple living and high thinking is designed for comfort. And that is evident in the muted colours, neutral tones, lightweight fabrics and handmade material—all perfect in their slight imperfections, meant to invite you to find peace. Get the look for your own bedroom if a restful sleep is high on your daily agenda.

While some of these products can be found in stores, some have been plucked from small street-side stores known for their workmanship (details given below):

Aakash Fabricator Address: Near Sitladevi Temple, Mahim West Contact: 09082592614
The Anita Store Address: Near Sitladevi Temple, Mahim West Contact: 9326946549
Anwar’s Store Address: Hill Road, Bandra West Contact: 022-26414823

Styled/Produced By

Nidhi Tiwari

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