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Nothing spells glamour like gold and black – use this heady combination to create a luxurious dressing room


Break the severity of black by introducing fresh flowers such as lilies or even orchids. Pair these with baby’s breath for a delicate look.

Use black for larger furniture pieces such as the console, chair, pouffe and even the walls. Make use of gold for the smaller elements such as lights, lamps, mirror frame, etc.

Bring out your inner superstar with a glamorous, gold and black dressing room.

This is the closest we have come to feeling like superstars – a glitzy dressing room, complete with a ring of lights. It feels like the spotlight is on us, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, having a glamorous vanity is the first of the trappings. So how does one get here? Start with the colour scheme – gold and black is a winning combination; think the LBD with gold earrings. It’s about balance – work with black for the larger, blocky pieces and gold for the smaller accessories and trimmings. A wallpaper, which has a bit of a shimmer makes for a great backdrop. Pair a black console with a gold-rimmed mirror. Ensure the mirror is almost as wide as the console – this will add a touch of opulence in terms of scale. We all know there’s nothing worse than powdering your face while on your feet. So, throw in a comfortable chair or a pouffe. And lastly, don’t forget the flowers to add a touch of softness to the area.


Shreya Bhimani


Prachi Damle

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