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Bring out the woollen throws and cushions to create a warm and comfy corner


There’s no need to limit all the cosy furnishings only to the bedroom during winters. Turn your living room into a cosy haven with woollen throws, cushion covers and wooden furniture.

Focus on a palette of brown and beige tones for a cosy feel. Keep colour to a minimum and invest in thick textured upholstery.

Think a theme of milk and cookies when doing up a cosy living room. Focus on woollen soft furnishings with relief work.

The struggle of getting out of the blanket is getting real with each passing day during winter. Why limit the warmth to just your bedroom? Pile on the woollens in your living room as well for a toasty home.

Work with a largely neutral scheme - think milk and cookies! Pair large, overstuffed cushions and thick covers with an equally chunky throw over a padded loveseat. To keep cold feet at bay, spread a rug on the floor. Add to this large wooden candle stands for a warm glow. 


Shreya Bhimani


Prachi Damle

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