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A contemporary Indian living room


Create a dramatic Indian living room with a bold mix of colours, patterns and gold trimmings



To instantly up the glam quotient of your living room, introduce a few gilded accessories such as candle holder, paper weights, etc.

Elevate the setting with handmade artefacts that reflect Indian motifs. Don’t forget to add flowers to the setting.

A busy, patterned wallpaper, sequined cushions and handmade artefacts will give your contemporary living room the Indian tempering you’re looking for.

We admit. We are maximalists at heart. It's hard not to fall in love with a space that is all expression and drama with something to offer in every square inch. You can ace this look like a pro, if you bear in mind one rule – the more the merrier. So, roll out the busy, patterned wallpaper, pull out a plush velvet sofa and stack up sequinned cushions. Remember, if there's one look that loves mix and match, it is this. Pair handmade artefacts with golden trimmings, Indian lotuses with faux gold pomegranates, quartz table tops with concrete finish shelves. What we love best about this look is that you can keep adding elements to your space – curios from your travels, gifts from friends or finds from thrift shops – and they will never be out of place. And yes, don't forget to light those candles while you raise a toast to a job well done. After all, living room makeovers are never easy.


Photography By:

Prachi Damle

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