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A bright, bohemian inspired living room

Offset contrasting colours and bold prints with potted plants for a bohemian living room

Bohemian Style Living Room Décor in Bright, Popping Colours - Beautiful Homes

For that bohemian feel, don’t hesitate to bring in bright, popping colours. Play with print on print and include several plants too.

Accessories Ideas For Bohemian Style Living Room Design - Beautiful Homes

Don’t hold back on the plants and accessories in your living room. In fact, introduce some bling with brass and golden accents.

Centre Table Décor For Bohemian Style Living Room Design - Beautiful Homes

Colourful and unconventional elements are key to acing this look, so go all out with unusual elements for your centre table.

Wear your love for colours and patterns on your sleeve. In fact, let it scream from every corner of your living room design. How, you ask? It’s simple. To create this look, you’re going to need several colours, so bring out that wallpaper with a kaleidoscopic ikat print and apply it on the central wall. This will be your primary seating area, so place your sofa here and pile it with cushions. Don’t worry about going overboard, if there's one look that loves mix and match, it is this. You can even try covers in different materials like velvet, cotton and wool. But if you ask us, tassels and pom-poms are the fun way forward. You can break the colour blocking with a contrasting, floral upholstered chair. Potted plants to Bohemian is like white to zen, more the better. You will be amazed at what they can do to your space.


Shreya Bhimani


Prachi Damle

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