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A bold striped living room with Asian Paints Colour of the Year

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Design professionals Pooja Bhandary and Keshav Murugesh show us how to style different spaces with the Asian Paints Colour of the Year – Curiosity. With this living room, they show us how to display your art and antiques in a contemporary way.

A wooden centre table with a antique piece placed on it along with a bunch of roses

Playing around with different materials and finishes is a great way to add character to a space.

When design publicist Keshav Murugesh and Mumbai-based interior and product designer Pooja Bhandary were asked to style different settings with the Asian Paints Colour of the Year—‘Curiosity’, they not only showcased three varied wall treatments but also used these very different looks to style different settings that would suit many tastes.  For this living room, the duo chose broad, horizontal stripes of ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Vitality’ sweeping across all walls.

“The main inspiration of this setting was a collector’s home,” Pooja says. “It’s very rare that people know how to contemporise when they have antiques. We wanted to show people how to display these pieces in a space that has a modern appeal so that the room has a well-balanced look.” Adds Keshav, “This room is all about mixing complementary layers so you don’t end up with something too visually heavy or rustic.

Take a look at their four easy tips to achieve this look:

Add character through layering materials
Playing around with different materials and finishes is a great way to add character to a space. The designers have worked with a cool concrete flooring to balance the warmth of the wood. Pooja suggests using medium-toned wood for this setting as dark wood might add too much visual heft that may come across as sombre when paired with antiques. Teak wood works well against 

the blue walls. “We’ve also brought in leather ottomans that have a rustic feel but are elevated by the stitching detailing,” adds Keshav. “Add a few metallic highlights like the brass floor lamp; they are always a welcome addition to any setting.”

Elevate the décor with pockets of colour and pattern 
Even with a bold wall treatment as your base, don’t shy away from adding a little colour and pattern for visual interest. “We brought in a pop of red on the side table with the Theyyam head sculpture and anchored the seating area with an intricately patterned red carpet from Jaipur Rugs. Both these features blend well into the décor without being overwhelming,” Pooja explains.

Mix old and new styles
The main idea behind this look was to show us how to style our antiques. The duo suggests offsetting the heaviness of your collectables with more modern pieces like the sculptural sofa and centre-table from Red Blue & Yellow. The curves of the ‘Plump Chaise’ add a level of contemporary softness to the décor. “We’ve placed large antique Burmese jars against the bold, modern stripes and worked in a cluster of antique sindoor jars on the contemporary centre table,” explains Keshav. 

Display your art in a multitude of ways
“Another major focus of this styling was to show different ways to display art,” says Pooja. The designers have used a linear 

A living room with striped blue walls, a wooden sofa, a large red rug and frames on the wall

Elevating the décor with pockets of colour and pattern, even with a bold wall treatment, will add visual interest to the look.

display on one wall while another wall is used for a symmetrical gallery wall cluster. “These clusters and gallery wall displays are perfect if you have a series of artwork.”  Another simple way to display your artwork is to place them in an abstract cluster leaning against a wall or on a console. This has the added benefit of being a flexible styling where you can constantly change things around.

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