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A bedroom that’s comfortable and elegant

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The décor and accessories that lie in a space have a lot to do with how we feel about a room. This is especially important to remember when decorating a bedroom. In order to create a space that offers a sense of belonging, production designer Shruti Gupte put together contemporary products with pieces that have a provenance and belong to an older timeframe. In this bedroom, the personality of its occupant, their tastes and inclinations meld with comfort and warmth. A cocoon for the collector…

The bedroom of someone who wants to ultimately build a place of pure rest and rejuvenation is a person that comes home expecting exactly that. The person uses this space to enjoy a few personal self-care moments. That may include some hobbies like reading a book or simply enjoying the view from his balcony as he sips on some tea. Borrowing pieces from his family’s history or choosing items that speak of comfort is his idea of finding solace.

Bedroom with a wooden bed with a blue headboard

Borrowing pieces from one's family history or choosing items that speak of comfort create a setting of ultimate rest.

The pieces that grab your immediate attention in this space are the ones on the wall. A large painting that looks like a page taken from a history book, features a woman who seems to be taking a moment to rest on a diwan like seating in dull colours, exudes an atmosphere of calm. Defining the mood for the space instantly. On the other hand, two intricately carved planks sourced from an antique market, have made their place above the bed. Distressed wood has the tendency of adding warmth to any area and this does exactly that. The wear and tear of the pieces adds to the personality of the space as opposed to something perfectly in place. Shruti has used these two elements of wall art as a unique combination that immediately sets the tone and theme of the setting without overwhelming the eye.

The room plays with a combination of some really strong bold colours along with some very dull and light ones. The wall for example provides a very soft base, while the bed has a bright blue headboard. This is done so that the bed remains the epicentre of the room. The layering done on the bed too creates a strong contrast with the headboard. The cushions on the other hand help balance the bed’s look. The rest of the room is fairly in the same level of saturation but in different shades and tones allowing the eye to see interesting layers and instead of flat gaps. 

The two main pieces of furniture are the bed and the armchair. Both of which are placed solely to provide extremely comforting seats. The resident can switch places and feel a different level of rest with each. With its great quality and structure, the pieces make sure to provide ample support to whoever takes time to laze on them. The bed in particular has an interesting mix of modern and historic aesthetic. The footbed too adds an age-old Indian touch to the room. All these pieces have been taken from the House of Asian Paints. A vintage trunk acts as a side table and allows the person to place a variety of things that matter, on it. While also providing a storage place. The other side table has a complete modern look that helps balance the setting as a whole and doesn’t let the room look too thematic.

The soft furnishings play a very important role in the space. Mainly because soft surfaces effortlessly add comfort to any space. A velvet upholstery on the headboard, and the throw on the armchair taken from the Pure-Royale range by Asian paints adds a touch of luxury to the otherwise humble setting. The quilt on the bed promises a very comfortable sleep time, given the softness level it has. The foot bed has a very interesting print that adds a layer of drama to the space. The cushions are made of earthy shades taken from the Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya range, intentionally adding comfort. Pairs of solid and sheer curtains taken from the same range add to the simple experience of enjoying the window view.

The lights have a base made of glass with hints of brass taken from House of Asian Paints. The lampshades on the other hand are made of high end printed fabrics taken from the Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya range. The combination makes the lamps seamlessly part of the room’s decor while holding a significant place of its own.

Shruti has chosen each accessory making sure that they add a layer of warmth. Other than the wall art, the vase of fresh flowers breathes life into the space. The choice of small items like the books and the brass boxes tell us about how a person owning them would keep things that matter next to his bed. So, the first and last thing he indulges in the day makes him feel at home.


Isha Shah

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