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Top 3 graphic tables we love


Give vanilla interiors a new lease on life with these eccentric graphic tables

Just as you need the correct accessories to enhance an outfit, similarly accents too can make or break your interiors. So, one needs to be careful when picking consoles, side and centre tables. Often, we do not move beyond the textbook round or square wooden tables or even metallic ones topped with glass.

Why not take a bold turn and experiment with tables with a graphic print? You can pick ones that complement the colour scheme in your interiors or even use these to inject some contrast. Use it to inject an element of whimsy or simply uplift staid corners.

We’ve handpicked a few with geometrical patterns in black and white which can easily create an immersive illusion.

Browse our gallery below for a look-see


Styled/Produced By:

Shreya Bhimani

Assisted by:

Madhurjya Saikia

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