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3 furniture brands to know


The three furniture brands on the top of our checklist right now

We are always on the lookout for interesting furniture brands that combine craftsmanship with a point of view on contemporary design.
We picked these brands for their mix of quirk, function and form. Read on to know more.

1.    Studio Wood
A young furniture and design studio based in Delhi, Studio Wood’s eclectic line of furniture brings quirk and function together in equal measure. Our pick is the Speakerson- a bar cabinet that doubles up as a music dock that does not use wifi or bluetooth to play the music from your phone- just the law of natural acoustics. 

2.    Limon
Launched by Aradhana Anand, the brand offers a fresh take on the armchair. While the form is traditional, the chair itself interprets an Indian sensibility through its use of furnishings that use traditional Indian textiles like Ikat.

3.    Amazng
Having been a furniture designer for so many years, it was only recently that Harkaran Singh Grewal launched an actual furniture line for the retail market  under the brand name Amazng.  Having run well-known design and communications firm Eureka Moments with his two other partners, Amazng was where the experience of so many years kicked in. We love the Robinson Range which makes us want to sink into its cushioned depth.


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