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3 coffee tables we love


Your center table anchors your living room. It’s time you went in for an update

If your coffee table looks anything like the one your parents had in their home, then it is time to update that monolithic block sitting like dead wood in your living room.  We have handpicked three coffee tables that we love so you don’t have to do the hard work.

1.        The Dyson Coffee Table from Urban Ladder: With its clean, contemporary lines, the Dyson Coffee Table ticks all the right 
2.        The Loft Coffee Table from Iqrup + Ritz: If your personal taste runs along a more glossy, classic style, the Loft Coffee Table 
            from Iqrup + Ritz is bound to get you giddy-headed. It certainly had that effect on us.
3.        The Pablo Centre Table from Amazng: If straight and minimal is what you are going for, the Pablo Centre Table from Amazng
            will work wonders for your décor quotient.


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