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This party season, your table needs a hint of copper

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While the celebratory vibe is in the air, we thought theme ideas for your serveware and other tools could be the content gift that gives on giving. Please turn your attention to copper, a versatile material with the elegance of a man in a well-cut suit. In India, for eons we’ve known that drinking and eating off of copper utensils has positive effects on the body. We also love copper for its natural elegance and the way it manages to look ethnic yet contemporary-cool. From straws to a bar, this little edit of items we’ve created will surely bring a hint of erudition to your bar. Ofcourse, you need to be mindful and not put any citric edibles on the copper products. It is likely to be quite harmful. On the other hand, some of these items are made of stainless steel and finished with a copper ‘look’.

A cocktail shaker is a necessary tool when it comes to mixing and blending drinks. For things like Martinis, all the ingredients must be completely blended and strained in order to ensure the drink turns out the way it is meant to be. This extremely elegant number of a cocktail shaker, which is made of stainless steel and finished in a copper colour, feels like it belongs on a set of James Bond, but hey you deserve it too. We especially love the unusual addition of wood to this type of bar accessory, making this is a very fashionable catch.
Price: Rs. 1,890

There’s nothing more politically incorrect at the moment than plastic straws. Do not be that person who missed all the headlines about single-use plastic’s horrific effects on the environment. Now, if we’ve alarmed you enough then please turn your attention to a sexy reusable alternative: copper straws. Unlike its other green cousins, like paper and bamboo, metal straws are simply sturdier and won’t soak-and-die on you as you nurse a drink over a long conversation. These affordable copper ones are of course elegant and very easy to maintain (invest in a one of those thin linear brushes in order to make sure you can clean these well). Being able to feel the chill of a drink through the straw is always a bonus.
Price: Rs. 230

Wine is inevitably the most-requested drink at a party. And by the end of an evening, you’ll be left with several bottles of half-completed vintages. Don’t fret! This perfectly engineered product looks good and does the hard work. The rack is positioned in a way that ensures wine corks stay wet throughout, ensuring the wine within doesn’t oxidise and spoil while waiting for you to down its contents. This helps keep your drink in good condition by maintaining the seal. A stack of hexagons in an antique copper finish, this piece can also be placed on a kitchen counter or just on a side-table at a party. Your guests could help themselves.
Price: Rs. 3,300

There are several elements at play here: copper lustre-glass, and textured leather. Soap-operatic finishes that together bring a very luxurious sentiment to any setting. Just leave this piece with the glasses and drinks right there on a centre-table, its mirrored tray will show off the shine of the glassware sitting atop and become a thing of beautiful form and function.
Price: Rs. 1,899

Here’s another copper vessel worth drinking out of. A wine goblet model for those who prefer this style, it is again a great option for drinks that ought to remain very cold. This is in a beaten or hammered metal finish, which makes it a tad more ethnic looking than the smooth variant. Consider this type of design even for an Indian meal as a water goblet.
Price: Rs. 499

You don’t want people fishing for ice in a bucket or worse trying to dislodge them from an ice tray. A pair of tongs are a must on a night when you expect to serve many drinks. This particular one, made of stainless steel and finished in a copper colour, is just the right type of detail to have in a copper-themed bar. We love it for its supporting actor subtlety.
Price: Rs. 581

Conical Nut Bowl
Long conversations with your guests go hand in hand with a couple of munchies before you serve the king size meal for the event. What could be better than shiny little copper bowls to serve nuts or any other snack. This would definitely add some glamour to our already intriguing chit chat.
Price: Rs. 700

This is an all-in-one set that has all the essentials required in a bar setup. A stainless-steel product in a copper colour, this set also makes for a very elegant gift to a friend who’d appreciate its elegance.
Price: Rs. 3,900

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