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Six products that are perfect for a couple with both traditional and bohemian tastes


Designing a living room for two people with completely contrasting personalities can be quite a task. Maybe he is traditional and she is bohemian and while the easy route is to pick a neutral style, it is beautiful to see the union of these two unique tastes transform their living space into the perfect mix for such an enigmatic pair.

Colour palette
While the traditional style of design uses neutral shades and wooden furniture, the bohemian style is colourfully quirky. A good way to blend these two is to pick neutral patterns for the base and adorn it with solid colours as you can see in this living room. It might also be a good idea to pick several tones of one vibrant colour so as to have a controlled yet varied colour palette.

Living room with a wallpaper, a grey rug, a sofa, an armchair, wooden side table and centre table and a couple of planters

A living room styled for people with different tastes.

The key to blending two distinctive styles is to layer the elements together to create more depth and texture. Feel free to add more cushions, two layers of curtains and throw in some rugs too if needed!

Even though you are essentially blending elements from both styles, it is a good idea to keep the bigger elements in one style and the smaller elements in the other. For example - You might want to go for a traditional sofa and center table but keep the decor bohemian by throwing in colourful cushions and unconventional accessories.

Products in this look:

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Krishnamithra Rajan

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