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Sitting or standing, these tables are the perfect flexible worktables


Never before has there been a more obvious evolution of the workspace than this year.

While one half of the working population have transformed entire rooms into home offices, another segment of people that live in apartments are struggling to create a workstation in their smaller living space and bedroom areas. If you belong to the latter category of people, you definitely want to check out Asian Paints’ catalogue of unusual solutions for space efficient workspaces.

1.    Altum table
The Altum height adjustable Workstation provides a flexible setup for all your work-from-home demands while taking care of your ever changing work positions during long working hours. Accommodating to whatever height needed, this piece is flexible and fits perfectly into your day. Available in a multitude of colour options, it can be customised to match the other furniture in your home.
Price: Rs. 38,499.45
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Altum Table

Alexis Table

2.    Alexis Table
The Alexis table is a much needed blend of clean design and functionality. With its unique foldable top that provides storage space, this centrepiece is a smart space saver and will fit perfectly into any studio apartment or smaller home. It is available in a variety of colours to match your unique personality.
Price: Rs. 21,999.45
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