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As we near the end of yet another year of caution, we can’t help but look back at how the smaller things have taken up bigger spaces in our hearts. Big Indian celebrations have switched to more intimate ones. Something as simple as catching a nap in between work, or making a yummy dish out of an experimental recipe gives us joy. So when it comes to enjoying more than one meal at the table with our families, a small yet significant piece of serveware really uplifts the moment. Afterall an everyday meal can be made special when something thoughtful is part of it. The products in this story for example are made by craftsmen who put a lot of effort into making each piece. So with each one, you get more than just another product, you get the result of skill and craftsmanship.

Inura Longpi Dry Snack Bowl 

There’s something striking about a matt black element on a dinner table. Making a bold appearance in between the usual plates, the bowl will easily make a statement. The Longpi dry snack bowl originates from Manipuri pottery and brings a very moody vibe to any setting.
Price: Rs.1,150
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Dessert Plate Flower Shower

Giving a fun twist to simple pottery, this brand adds colour and patterns to the otherwise earthy finish. The dessert plate here is a perfect example of how to add some cheer to your table.
Price: Rs. 1,200
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Handcrafted by artist Kriya Rynjah, this piece is made entirely of bamboo. With well thought out design, she aims to create shapes that are influenced by nature in the most contemporary way. What’s most fascinating is the 100% bio-based methods that are used to manufacture these pieces in Meghalaya.
Price: Rs. 8,800
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Paisley dip bowls
When two pieces of absolutely anything fit together like a puzzle while also providing completely individual functions, it almost always fascinates people. Something as basic as dip bowls in a paisley shape come together like one single element in this product. If you are a frequent snacker, who enjoys dipping chips in sauces, this is for you.
Price: Rs. 250
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Clover Tray

A list on serveware is incomplete without a tray. So here is one for those who believe in the good luck a four leaf clover brings. Or simply someone who enjoys a splash of colour. This tray could be a great conversation starter while first welcoming guests. This can also be used to keep the whole tea set while you enjoy a quick break.
Price: Rs. 4,690
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Vastra Medium Platter

This platter mimics the flow of fabrics and so has an embroidery-like texture on it. The edge shows the turn caught in motion. Along with an interesting design, it is also lead and cadmium free. Making this a healthy choice while also adding to your decor.
Price: Rs. 800
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Banana leaf cutlery stand

The banana leaf is not only a traditional element in serving Indian food, but also a popular favourite. These cutlery holders will bring in the charm of the natural ones on a daily basis.
Price: Rs.1,035
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Coconut Craft Dessert Serving Bowls & Spoons (Set 6)

Being a tropical country, we have coconuts in abundance. But the fact that the shells can be made use of in many ways before laying them to rest is not known to many. A whole dessert set, including bowls and spoons made entirely out of coconut shells is a very responsible purchase while also adding an earthy vibe to the table.
Price: Rs. 1,140
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Tulip Splash Cups (Set of 2)

Stoneware has gained popularity among the table ware segment of products. Mainly because they are extremely durable and have a unique look and feel. These cups are made with abstract splashes of colour coming together. Almost like a mini canvas has been translated on drinking cups.
Price: Rs. 399
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Longpi cocktail glasses

With the festive time around the corner, these longpi cocktail glasses are apt to add a pinch of quirkiness to your barware. An unique blend of craft and functionality makes sure to command attention.
Price: Rs. 1,699
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