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Look no further for the perfect desk lamp!


It is a well-known fact that desk lamps provide task lighting for reading, writing, studying, crafting etc. Good lighting can stimulate your senses positively, thereby increasing productivity at work! Here are four desk lamps that are ideal for the different kinds of working professionals that no longer need to feel restrained over the fact that they are working from home.

1.    Icon table lamp
This lamp is very well suited for someone who attends many Zoom call meetings in a day. The mango wood and gold-accented table lamp is light and easy to pair with different types of desks. It has the elegance of a handcrafted product and offers the simple solution.
Price: Rs. 4,983
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Icon table lamp

Delight table lamp

2.    Delight table lamp
This lamp is ideal for a taskmaster who packs their days with meetings as well as hands-on work. It is low maintenance, but still looks sleek and elegant while providing ample light. 
Price: Rs. 4,763
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3.    Peace table lamp
This lamp is perfect for someone with a creative spirit. Functional, but also playful and fun, this piece is ideal for illustrators, animators, ad copywriters and even programmers as they spend hours combing through lines of code. Styled after the famous Pixar lamp, this is bound to be a perfect addition to any creative soul’s work table.
Price: Rs. 5,129
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Peace table lamp

Touch table lamp

4.    Touch table lamp
This lamp emits a great deal of focused light, but the lamp itself is delicate and demands to be handled and styled with care. It is ideal for someone who loves curating elegant pieces of decor or furniture. It belongs on the work-from-home table of an art director, a fashion stylist, an interior designer or even a social media influencer.
Price: Rs. 4,946
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