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Five Modern sofa styles that will go with any type of Home décor

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Picture sinking into a snuggly sofa with a cup of warm tea while you catch up on reading your favorite book. Now think of how wonderful it would be if the sofa looked great and made the space look wonderful while providing a nest of comfort to you. To make this imagination come true we listed a few sofas that tick all the boxes you want and more. Take a look.

1.    Rio Sofa
With a basic structure in place the Rio three-seater sofa acts like the most relaxing base for one to rest on. You can spend all day on this sofa without complaining of any discomfort.  It has a neutral colour that lets you style it however you like. Add a few colourful pillows and throws to match your décor and you will have a sofa that’s an all rounder.
Price: Rs.43,499

Rio Three Seater Sofa

Naples Three Seater Sofa

2.    Naples Sofa
If you like a clean clutter free look here’s a mid century modern style sofa that is simply elegant. The pastel upholstery is a subtle pop of colour that adds an element of fun and candidness in your living room. Keep the rest of the décor minimal to bring out the best in the setting.
Price: Rs. 33,549.45
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3.    Brussels Sofa
A soft sofa with bolsters means added comfort and that in turn means lots of naps. At the same time, its taut structure doesn’t let you slack when you want to sit upright. To serve your various requirements this sofa offers a great mix of comfort, style and functionality.
Price: Rs. 39,296.95
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Brussels Three Seater Sofa

Hamburg Two Seater Sofa

4.    Hamburg sofa
Here’s another sofa that personifies sophistication for you. This one can be a perfect addition in your living room, or in your reading corner and even in your bedroom. Since it’s a two-seater, it can be paired with a bigger sofa and will definitely work well in compact spaces.
Price: Rs. 27,499.45
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5.    Munich Sofa
This sofa looks very welcoming after a tiring day at work, thanks to its soft and snuggly appearance. But unlike other sofas this one doesn’t look bulky while promising bed like comfort. Its lean outer structure makes it a perfect blend of both worlds and offers a neat design.
Price: Rs. 46,474.45
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Munich Three Seater Sofa

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