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Dehumidifiers to help you get rid of the unwanted gift of monsoons: Dampness

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The one thing about monsoons that we all detest is the dampness it brings to our homes. Some places in our country turn extremely humid during this time, especially if you live close to the sea. We can try all the hacks on the Internet, but this can be a tough problem to solve. The one sure shot object that can control this situation is a Dehumidifier. 

Before you decide to buy one, here are the main features that you need to consider:
- Water tank capacity: This feature tells us how much water the tank of the product can carry before it needs to be emptied.
- Performance capacity or continuous drainage system: This feature determines how much the tank can perform per day. A continuous drainage system allows the dehumidification to go on all day.
- Area size: The amount of space that needs to be dehumidified. Generally, the size of a room or cabinets.
A few more features that matter is the auto shut and restart, power consumption, noiseless technology, filters, and smart features. Take a look at our list to choose which one works best as per your requirement. We rounded up a few that promise to do their job well:

ND 322i Novita Dehumidifier

This product has a semi-permanent built-in ionizer that keeps germs at bay. It also has modes that work best for people who don’t like to be disturbed: silent operation mode and continuous dehumidification mode. This has a 4.5L water tank capacity, a performance capacity of 22L per day (or continuous drainage) and is best suited for a 300 sqft room.
Price: Rs. 38,900

ABS 3 In 1 Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier not only controls the air humidity levels but also works as a cloth dryer for non-sunny days; plus has the function of working as an air conditioner. It is also energy efficient and promises a lighter electricity bill. This one comes with a water tank capacity of 2.3L, a performance capacity of 12L per day, and is suitable for a room size of 300sqft.
Price: Rs. 23,800

060 Dehumidifier

This product is suitable for a larger space and can be easily moved around. Plus, it has a built-in ionizer that takes care of any germs or allergens in the air. This comes with a 8L water tank, performance capacity of 60L per day (or continuous drainage), and is ideally meant for a room-sized at 365-400sq.ft.
Price: On request

20 L/Day 320-Watts 3-in-1 Dehumidifier

Here is another energy-efficient product. This one has in-built air filters that purify the air in the room. It also helps in regulating the humidity levels in the room, reducing your need for an air conditioner. In addition to this, it has a laundry mode that helps in drying clothes easily on a rainy day. This one comes with a 5.5L water tank capacity, a performance capacity of 20L per day, and is suited for a 380sqft room.
Price: Rs. 29,995

Thermoelectric Energy Efficient Dehumidifier Air Purifier

This small-sized dehumidifier allows a good night’s sleep because it operates completely noiselessly. It also has an automatic shut off feature once the tank is full. It can be easily shifted and placed anywhere in the house, as far as there is an available electric socket next to it. It has a water tank capacity of 500ml and a performance capacity of 250ml per day. This is ideal for a room size of about 150 sqft.
Price: Rs. 5,999

Electric Air Dehumidifier

This miniature dehumidifier is electric and works best for smaller areas like your wardrobe or shoe cabinet. If you are looking for a portable one that can tag along on your future trips, this is a good option to go for.
Price: Rs. 10,749

Electric mini dehumidifier with 300ml water tank

Here’s another mini electric dehumidifier that works best for smaller spaces like your washrooms or kitchens. It has a water tank capacity of 300ml and automatically shuts off when the tank is full. It is easy to clean and convenient to carry around. It’s also very light on the pocket.
Price: Rs. 3,725

This product is an air-purifier and dehumidifier in one and thus works best for a room that is exposed to odour along with high humidity levels. This product takes in air, dehumidifies it, purifies it with its 3-layer filter, and leaves the room with a pleasant aroma. It also has a laundry mode which not only helps in drying but also leaves a fresh scent on the clothes. It has a water tank capacity of 3L, a performance capacity of 16L per day, and is suitable for 240sqft area.
Price: Rs. 29,880

EE-1001 Plastic Dehumidifier

This product has a child lock feature for your safety and an auto mode for your convenience. It also has a cloth drying feature and an in-built ionizer that helps purify the air. It has an oscillating function of 45 to 90 degrees that ensures that most of the room is easily covered. With all these features, this seems like an all-rounded product. This one comes with a water tank capacity of 4.5L, a performance capacity of 23L (or continuous drainage) and is suitable for a room as big as 650sqft.
Price: Rs. 28,889

Origin Novita Dehumidifier ND 328

This product has a clean, sleek look and can be placed anywhere in the room and it will easily fit in. The start and stop time can be set according to your requirements and it also has a child lock function. This product has a water tank capacity of 4L (continuous drainage option also available) and is best suited for a room of 250-300 sq ft.
Price: Rs. 35,900


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