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Chic multifunctional side-tables for every living room


Although side-tables have always been around, there has never been higher demand for small easy-to-move-around tables than now. Multifunctional and light, a side-table is a must for the home. For the perfect mix of form and function, try one of these options: 

1.    Madisson Table
This side table is great because it brings a great deal of utilisation compared to the space it takes up in your home. The multiple functionality of it, being able to serve as a side table while also allowing you to store knick knacks in its built-in drawer, this is a welcome addition to any home with some much-needed stylish functionality. The Madisson table is a versatile piece that comes in 3 wood finishes: Teak, walnut and mahogany, making this a must-have piece of furniture in these times.
Price: Rs. 8,249.45
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Madisson Table

Cypress Sofa Table

2.    Cypress Sofa Table
Minimal yet sophisticated, the Cypress Sofa Table is a versatile piece that looks charming next to any kind of seating setup. Inspired by time-honored designs, this Sheesham Cypress Table comes in three beautiful wooden finishes: Teak, walnut and mahogany. The Cypress table boasts a sleek frame and light body that make it suitable even for a den or Home-office setting.
Price: Rs. 4,949.45
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3.    Varios Nesting Table
This nesting table is a luxurious looking option. It can serve as a side-table while also providing the option of a mini workspace for your laptop or tablet device. The latticed piece with ornate motifs that merge with its glass top, is also available in a wide variety of colours.
Price: Rs. 10,999.45
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Varios Nesting Table

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